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WoW backgrounds :set1: by KrisseyMage

I love the look of this, yo. It looks especially good on your sketchbook so that's probably part of it,but overall this was nice. I don...

I think this looks very nice. I'm aware of the creators of these characters and their relationship. I don't really view a lot of "Sonic...


Knight rolled up the page, and slipped it into his pocket. Now came the part where he made his escape.

“Down here…I he may have come down here to catch his breath, Sister.”

Knight clutched his teeth. “Damn! Not now!” The Assassin figured now was as good a time as any to put his skill back to the test. Taking a deep breath, Knight visualized what he wanted Illi and Eli to see.

“Nothing down here,” Illi said, her voice dripping with venom.

“Damn! I was so sure he would be down here!” Eli approached the space where the door to the vault of riches was. “No…nothing here either. He hasn’t been down here.”

“Come, brother! For the time being there are still intruders to be dealt with,” Illi said.

Eli gave the small space another look over, but his scowling changed nothing as he left with his sister.

Knight took a knee, having been standing on the far edge of the room the entire time, motionless. The strain of creating such an illusion, under these conditions having a clear impact on the already exhausted assassin.

The white-haired Elf, once the coast was clear, made his way up the stairs. The blood trail he’d left as a former liability now his guide back and out of this magic deathtrap. As he walked, blood, fire, and burning fur filled his nostrils with the most pungent and repelling of odors.

Though he raced through here, once at top speed, the young warrior managed to retrace his steps back towards the platform that made up the second floor, this time though, the area appeared to be guarded. Omega seemed to be almost patrolling the area.

Again, Knight turned to his most recently remembered ability.  A deep breath and he visualized what he wanted Omega to see, hoping that his Illusion could affect machines as well as people.

Omega stopped suddenly. “New threat…detected…”

As quick as he could, Knight opened his eyes and made for the stairwell to the first floor, while Omega looked the other way, and to his pleasure, heard only the sound of flamethrowers fading as he made his way down the stairs, and finally out in to the waning sunlight.

In evening light, Knight collapsed, before rolling onto his stomach. His upside down view, showed some of the other competitors and their companions, apparently having obtained their own pages. “So…that was round one? Goddess, what did I get myself into?”
Fantasy KnIGHTS (Epilogue)
The Epilogue to the quickest succession of submissions I've ever done.

Tired now. Sleep yes.

For :icononce-dead-oct: 

All characters belong to their owners.

Better info later.
What in the world…” Knight scrambled to his feet, clutching a knife in his arm, but not sensing much in the way of hostility from this machine. “You…you’re one of the competitors, aren’t you?”

“Yep! Name’s Omega! You must be…um…”


Knight leaped into the air, narrowly avoiding a wave of flame that managed to completely engulf Omega, grounding the once-hovering machine. Grabbing onto a chandelier, Knight caught sight of the mage with the flaming staff again.

“More of you!? You will all burn for intruding on our tower,” the woman said, raising her staff above her head.


Both Knight and the red-robed mage turned their attention to the burning machine, which once again began to hover. The pods at Omega’s sides, shifted to what appeared to be two, large drums. “Activating…Sonic Blasters…” The drums began to glow brightly.

“Vile machine! You dare challenge fire with sound!?” With her ablaze, the mage sent out a wave of flame.

Knights, caught in the crossfire, braced himself to attempt to tank the mages attack, but instead found himself falling to the floor as he felt his eardrums racked by an intense sound, emanating from Omega. Through gritted teeth and slitted eyes, Knight saw the mage grasping at her own ears, her flames having dissipated from the sound, he surmised.

A warm sensation jolted Knight back to his senses, though still left him on the ground. He could feel blood trickling from his ears and knew that he had to get away from this sound-based assault, but his body could only writhe in agony. Thankfully, just as sudden, but with a new, slightly less terrifying noise accompanying this new development, the “piercing boom”that Knight described the sound of Omega’s Sonic Blasters emitted stopped with a crash and accompanying growls, as well as the sound of something sharp scraping against the metal hide of Omega.

“New threat detected! New threat detected!” Omega announced, as a bear-like creature, scratched and clawed at her. Switching…weapons…”

“Illi!” Following the bear-like creature, was another mage, this one dressed in blue and apparently allied with the other, as evidenced by his own blazing eyes.

“Eli! Brother! Yes! This is excellent,” the female mage grinned, as she regained herself. “I see you’ve found an intruder of your own.”

“Yes! Thankfully the shooting earlier and now this noise led him to me, and now to you, sister, so that we might finish off these and any others in our tower,” Eli said, his hands igniting.

“First then, the bear…he’s been a thorn in our…” Illi looked around, and let out a blood curdling, rage-filled scream. “Where is…he!?”

Knight had managed to crawl away from the other combatants and obstacles. A small, broken trail of blue blood dripped from his head, as he quickly shuffled through the tower, finding another corridor with stairways leading both upward and down.

“Ugh…gotta…lose them…” Knight weakly tossed a shuriken, lodging it into the wall leading up the staircase, before tumbling down the stairs. The sound of flames, roars, and what sounded like some sort of explosion rocked the world above him, as Knight pulled himself up against a wall at the bottom of the stairs, clutching his arm. “OK…creating chaos…probably not my best move…”

Placing his hand to his head, Knight began to go over the scenario in his head. He needed to find that page. It was his page, from his book. So how would he locate it in this tower of mysticism? Knight’s bluish eyes opened with a jolt as the solution to his situation came to him.

Listen. Listen…to yourself.”

Closing his eyes, and focusing once again, through ruptured ear drums, he attempted to search for anything oddly familiar in this unfamiliar setting. His head throbbed, and his body ached, but he used his ears to search a best he could. “C’mon…c’mon…

The Ice Elf assassin, opened his eyes once more and grinned. “My page…from me…an Assassin…an Ice Elf,” he grinned and almost laughed before catching himself, as he pulled himself up. “Like an Ice Elf…preferably alone…and from the South Pole.” Knight began walking towards what looked to be a dead-end, and reached out to touch the stone wall in front of him. “Hidden, just like the Circle of Shadows. Grasping around, he eventually found a handle, and pulled struggling to do so with only one hand, but managing to pull the chained door open, just enough to slip through it.

Inside, the cylindrical room, a number of artifacts, talismans, and documents, though one in particular caught his eye…before vanishing. Then appearing on in another part of the room…and another.

With a deep breath, Knight looked around the room and walked over to the area the page first appeared. With his quickest grab, he reached out and in his hand, before he even realized it, his prize appeared in his hand. The page only had one word on it. “Illusion?”

The word seemed to glow on the page an in an instant, Knight remembered his ability to create illusions. He couldn’t help himself from ginning a toothy grin. He had what he came for. Now, it was time to escape.
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.3

Little over 30 minutes to finish the epilogue, can I get it in on time?

We'll see, so check back in for more with my entry to :icononce-dead-oct:

Characters belong to their respective owners. Better infos coming later.

Mature Content

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Knight moaned, dragging himself to his feet. Through the white haze of post-shock vision. “I hate this place. I hate these people,” he mumbled. “I have to get this page thing though…and so help me if that harpy has it in that other tower--,” Knight’s monologue was interrupted as he heard voices above him, likely on the next floor.

“What are all these mortals doing here! This is our tower—ours! And not only that, but we’ve got some strange bear-like creature—ahhh!”

“Hush, brother…I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that someone or something is close. Down the hallway—come!”

Knight breathed for what felt like the first time in hours, shuriken in one hand, pistol in the other. “Alright…so apparently there’s more than just magic to be aware of. The other competitors are probably already on the upper levels. Just have to watch out for anything that looks bear-like and/or unfamiliar.”

Somewhat more aware now of the danger, Knight knew now was the time when all his training as an assassin would come in handy. The white-haired elf made his way up the stairs. Voices, some familiar, some foreign, could be heard as he reached the platform, finding a number of adjourning corridors upon reaching the top of the platform.

Knight looked around noticing what appeared to be arcane ruins, etched into the walls and glowing ones above the corridors. “Magic traps…and I’m pretty sure there’s some spatial manipulation.” “What was that lesson they taught us at The Circle…” Knight examined the area, letting the memories flow back to him.

Create and control the chaos. Remain above it and remember the objective.

The blue-skinned elf closed his eyes, attempting to further heighten his sense of hearing. From corridors to the right and forward, he heard sounds. Growling, the sound of flames burning, and shouting. Knight opened his eyes, and started firing into two of the noisiest corridors. Running into another corridor, to his left, Knight could hear footsteps racing behind him. The corridor wound, and Knight began to lose his sense of direction when he stopped short of a fireball, being thrown in from behind. “Damn!”

“You! I knew I sensed a cold spot in the tower!” A red-robed woman said, holding flaming staff. “I didn’t much care for splitting up, but you in particular…your icy aura…burns me!” The woman’s eyes burned red, as she swung her staff sending a wave of flame at Knight. The young Assassin, narrowly avoided the attack, ducking into another hallway and unexpectedly crashing into something large and metal.

“Gah!” Knight scrambled to his feet, and was stunned to see a flying machine in front of him.

“Hi there,” the machine sounded, shocking Knight. “How are you? Is everything alright?”
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.2
Part two of my first round entry for the :icononce-dead-oct: featuring one of my favorite characters in this season tourney, Omega, creation of :iconwyvern-1:. Hope you don't mind me borrowing Omega for a little fun this round.

Characters belong to their respective owners.

Think I'll get in part 3 before the deadline tonight? Find out...later tonight!
Knight awoke from his sleep with an odd feeling about himself and the unshakable feeling as if his skin were littered with the smallest of harmless pins. Looking around, he narrowed his eyes at the sight of a spider slinking under his door. “Disgusting thing,” he muttered under his breath, as he leapt from bed. The Ice Elf reached for his shirt, which he’d tossed away in the night and caught his reflection in the mirror. Though everything looked the same about him, he couldn’t help but feel as if something were different. Unable to put his finger on it, and not wanting to miss out on the meager offerings for breakfast to be found downstairs, Knight dressed himself and made for the door.

No sooner than had he twisted the handle on his door, Veronica’s ever-harsh voice came buzzing through the building. “What the…”

“Good morning, freaks, freakettes, and freaks-in-between! It’s time--,” Veronica’s voice was cut off, and though muffled, Knight’s elven ears were able to pick up the sound of another voice.


“Well, this doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well.” Though apprehension was evident in his voice, Knight’s expression of excitement betrayed him, a venomous grin crossing his face. His time as an Assassin flooding back to him, though the feeling of incompleteness remained.

Knight raced outside, aware of other contestants in the tournament as he watched the sights before him. A tale of two towers sprawled in front of Knight and fellow competitors. Knight’s ears pricked as he felt the faint hum of the intercom buzzing to life, with instructions from Veronica to pick a tower. Though he figured this would be their first round of competition, he was most intrigued by the idea of pages and books. What had Veronica meant? He would have known if she’d stolen something of his…wouldn’t he?

“Best way to solve this is to pick a tower I suppose…no way to turn it off now,” Knight said, as he watched the competitors begin to pick and run into towers. Not truly sure of his decision, the Knight chose to take the tower to his right. Though he could at least accurately surmise Veronica wasn’t in this tower, which intrigued him more than the one she was in.

Racing into the tower that was only slightly singed on the edges, Knight could feel his stomach drop and though he felt incomplete he could sense something was afoot in this particular tower. “Magic…” he said through gritted teeth. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth at the memory of his defeat at the hands of a certain wind mage. Overall lovely girl, but still it was a bummer to lose.

Taking a moment to survey the tower, Knight found four doors, leading to differing stairways to the top. “Hm…I wonder…” Walking through the parlor, a Knight could only assume there were mages and magic traps about. Picking a door on the far left, Knight grasped the handle, only to be struck by a lightning spell on the door, sending him flying through the door on the far right. “Damn…”
Fantasy KnIGHTS Pt.1
Don't worry, I'm working on part two as we speak. This is just to show that, yes, I'm alive. Never get jobs, kids. They drain all your time and energy~!

Part of my entry for :icononce-dead-oct: hosted by :iconcrazyshiro:.

Part Two:…
Part Three:…

But yeah, enjoy~

All characters belong to their respective owners.
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Before anyone panics, don't worry. I'm not to, my knowledge, anyone's daddy! What I am though, is part of a the team helping to create a new mobile game called "Raising my Superkids." (RMS) In the game, you take the role of Supernanny, helping raise a child with any assortment of powers, much as you would a real child. You'll see them off to school, discipline them, and ultimately see what your rearing skills have unleashed upon the world.

The game is being made in conjunction with J.C. Lee's (daughter of famed comic book writer Stan Lee,) new book, "It's All About Love." 

Anywho, this Summer, I'm working on getting people to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. Even if you can't contribute though, taking a moment to spread the word about our game and campaign are most appreciated. Just have them follow this link (…) I appreciate the assistance, all.

Also, if it's not too much trouble, if you are able to give a little, I'd appreciate a confirmation message or something just letting me know. The first $30 is going to be a test pledge to make sure that the link is working correctly, since it's different for all the team members.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


ScouterV has started a donation pool!
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Looking to become a productive, and helpful writer in the dA community, and as such am willing to assist any and all possible, and I thank you in advance for the donations and commissions. :happybounce:

Now, as for how things will be working with this, it's simple. Come to me with your needs, and we can discuss the proper pricing. ^_^ I'm a flexible person, so I'm sure we can come to an agreement on something.

Base Prices:
Fanfiction: 10 points for the first two pages, and 5 points for each page after.
Poetry: 7 points
Original Fiction: 10 points for the first two pages, and 5 points for each page after.
Scripts: Negotiable
Biographies: 7 points each.

I will not do:
Sexually explicit materials.

Prices are negotiable, if needed.

^_^ Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll try me out for your literary needs.

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